We know how it feels to confront a major issue as a Sheriff and feel as if you’re all alone in the process.
There are times when we, too, have struggled to feel connected, wondering if there was a way to partner with others. We could see the value of others who would come alongside us in the day-to-day concerns of serving a community as their Sheriff.
At Western States Sheriffs Association, we get it. We’re an organization run by Sheriffs for Sheriffs.
Since 1993, we’ve helped Sheriffs west of the Mississippi River navigate unique situations that our counterparts in the eastern US don’t encounter. We’ve offered partnership and a collaborative alliance to protect and strengthen the elected office of Sheriff.
We believe every law enforcement executive deserves a strong, collaborative community. We are committed to helping you navigate the challenges you face so you can stop feeling isolated and alone. The process is simple. Register for a WSSA Membership, attend our conference and training opportunities and become an active part of our allied network of Sheriffs.

What We Do

In upholding our mission, there are significant issues to which we dedicate our time and effort as an organization. Three pertinent Issues are detailed below and provide a snapshot of why we came together to collectively combat Issues affecting your safety, security, and liberty. It remains Important to protect the elected Office of Sheriff and help the citizens across the western United States recognize where their resources are expended.


  • WSSA has partnered with the Southwest Border Sheriffs Coalition and the Texas Border Sheriffs coalition to address issues surrounding border security.

  • We recognize there is a distinct difference between immigration and border security. The federal government must be held accountable to address illegal immigration in this country.

  • WSSA believes the issue of border security must be addressed through collaboration with our federal partners.

  • The criminal element that comes with a lack of security on our nation’s border is affecting the lives of American citizens across this country.

  • WSSA members understand that this is a nationwide problem and deserves the attention of Sheriffs across the west.


  • The 2nd amendment to our nation’s constitution guarantees the individual right to keep and bear arms.

  • WSSA members have taken a firm stance on protecting this right and ensuring that no person, legally entitled to possess a firearm, realizes any pressure from laws inconsistent with the Constitution.

  • We continue to monitor this issue, both regionally and nationally and join to defeat any legislation that seeks to impair our 2nd amendment right including Amicus Briefs in support of second amendment rights in lawsuits in California, Maryland, and Colorado


  • WSSA has remained deeply invested in the issues that pertain to the use of public lands. Land management agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management regularly attend WSSA conferences.

  • It is critical to the role of the elected Sheriff to maintain open lines of communication with these agencies to ensure that law enforcement activities on public lands across the west are consistent with the desire of the elected Sheriff in each county.

  • WSSA members also recognize the economic and social impacts of land management decisions and work to ensure that county governments remain actively involved in discussions surrounding roads, trails, and grazing, mining and overall use of public lands.

  • WSSA members maintain a position of no tolerance for the inconsistent application of rules and regulations on our nation’s public lands.

  • With the vast area of public land in the western United States, WSSA continues to argue for Increased funding for Sheriffs who provide services on these public lands.